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Somnolis® :

Anti-snoring oral device, prevent grinding of teeth (Bruxism) and the more severe forms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Mandibular adjustable positioner one-piece medical device.

Somnolis® does not require moulding and it is easy for fitting. Somnolis® holds the lower jaw forward by adjusting to 4 different positions every few millimeters, which you can adjust for your health problems like snoring or obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. This advancement clears space around the back of the tongue to allow inhaled air to flow freely. This recognised medical solution is called mandibular advancement. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated in many clinical studies. It stops or considerably reduces snoring and in cases of sleep apnoea, it is a popular alternative to the inconvenience of using a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) nasal ventilation mask.
Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of the mandibular advancement medical device such as Somnolis® that treats snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. More and more doctors in Europe prescribe Somnolis® to their patients. Somnolis® mandibular advancement medical device is efficient against snoring in more than 90% of cases. The average rate of loss in relation to obstructive sleep apnea is about 60%, but it depends on the individual case, and therefore requires individual control.

Somnolis® contre le ronflement.
Simple, économique, installé en un instant et efficace contre le ronflement dés la premiére nuit.

Comparison between the: Somnolis® and SomnoFit®.

Somnolis® is designed to wear without moulding. You may feel discomfort for a few days, but usually it is easy to get used to it. If not, you can make the wearing more comfortable, by following these, please click instructions of functioning, use and settings/mode d’emploi Somnolis® contre le ronflement.

Instructions Somnolis® against snoring.

Mode d’emploi Somnolis® contre le ronflement.

The pack of Somnolis® includes:
- 4 supple straps for the lower jaw advancement
- 1 full instruction with pictures
- 1 oral device

Somnolis® :

Somnolis® is a clinically proven device being efficient in regard to eliminating snoring, sleep apnea and prevent grinding of teeth.
Somnolis® is not a drug treatment, stop snoring medical oral device is often a first choice nonsurgical options before resorting to surgery.
Somnolis® is made of biocompatible medical materials and they are tested on cytotoxity according to ISO standard 10993.
Biocompatibility standards, this material is the lack of interaction with living tissues or living by the system are not toxic, harmful or reactive physiologically, and do not cause immune rejection. In principle, this means that the material has the ability to perform the appropriate response in a particular application of the device and not cause harm to the patient.
Somnolis® dental protector, takes the pressure off your teeth.
Somnolis® in case of bruxism (teeth grinding), no need to be used strap.
Somnolis® in case of a regular and long-lasting use, we recommend the use of a customised device (with a taking of the teeth impression) like SomnoFit
Somnolis® can be adjusted in 4 positions for different levels of effectiveness.
Somnolis® it is easy to get used to it.
Somnolis® is recommended for obstructive sleep apnea at certain times: travelling (medical consultation advised).

Somnolis® care - use warm water or a denture cleaner. Rinse thoroughly with water, let it dry. Check the condition of the appliance regularly. Somnolis® lives is depend on maintenance, grinding of teeth (Bruxism) and acidity in the mouth.

- wear a partial dental prosthesis without reliable fixation
- wear a removable dental prosthesis
- have loosening or instability of the teeth
- have mandibular join pain

List of reference:
Clinical studies, statistics on efficiency, quality of products.
In Switzerland developed products against snoring and sleep apnea for several years, take part in conferences for sleep medicine specialists.

- Put sleep apnea to rest (don't hold your breath).
- Provides deep "beauty" sleep (the human growth hormone is released when you sleep).
- Save your marriage.


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