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Snore Relief ZD-100:

Nasal anti-snore medical device improves breathing and prevents mouth from being dry.

When you gently clip soft Snore Relief ZD-100 nasal medical device, with magnetic elements fitted in the both ends, on the nasal septum, (the divider between the nostrils) it applies a small amount of pressure, which stimulates nerves that help control breathing natural way, from your nose by opening the nasal passages. A high powered magnetic chip CMOS was fitted in both end sides transfer conduction, so the nasal has the physical therapy. Using magnetism to activate nasal tissue, its curative efficacy is obvious. There are gas educing troughs at the both end sides, which make breathing easier by giving higher air flow.

Snore Relief ZD-100 use instructions, questions and answers

The pack of Snore Relief ZD-100 includes:
- storage case
- 1 device

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Snore Relief ZD-100 :

Snore Relief ZD-100 is FDA standard (food and drug administration) and also with European CE Certificate rules.
Snore Relief ZD-100 is the original patented (02272181.9).
Snore Relief ZD-100 easily, and comfortably fits on the nasal spectrum. It is not a drug, nasal anti-snoring medical device is often a first choice before resorting to surgery.
Snore Relief ZD-100 is made of soft silica gel complex material, with build in CMOS technology (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor), magnetic chip, which affects the completion of the trigeminal nerve in the nasal septum, stimulating and improved perfusion of soft tissue of the palate. It is easy to get used to it. It may take several days to start working, so don't give up.
Snore Relief ZD-100 is easy to travel with-you can take them every where you go.
Snore Relief ZD-100 prevents your mouth from being dry. Get enough deep "beauty" sleep (the human growth hormone is released when you sleep).
Snore Relief ZD-100 can be reused for many months.
Snore Relief ZD-100 use warm water or a denture cleaner. Rinse thoroughly with water, let it dry in the open air and keep it in the given case.

Caution: The Snore Relief ZD-100 should be far from the objects, with high temperature or high-powered magnetic, to avoid influencing the curative effect of the magnetic CMOS chip. For external use only. Do not use on sore or irritated skin. If any irritation occurs, discontinue use. Keep out of the reach of children. You may want to consult specialist if you have had sever snoring that has just started recently and you haven't gained any weight.

List of reference.
Issued by the Shenzhen Drug Administration.

Snore Relief ZD-100:
Prevents your mouth from being dry.
Put sleep apnea to rest (don't hold your breath).
Provides deep "beauty" sleep (the human growth hormone is released when you sleep).
Save your marriage.


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zehra (rate: 5 / 10)
How can I buy this product in UK? I can't find it
Karen (rate: 10 / 10)
Hi Everything is correct and thank you so much. I am looking forward to using this product again. I lost the one I had in Italy so I am very happy to find you so close here!
Karen (rate: 10 / 10)
Hi Andy, Karen Victoria, B.C. Canada It was wonderful to speak with you! This product Snore Relief ZD-100 is perfect for me. I bought in Cracow (Krakow) Poland. Thank you Karen
Sore Relief ZD-100 reguirement (rate: 0 / 10)
Dear Sir/Madam, My husband has problem with snoring. He has sleep apnea and he is snoring while sleeping. One week ago while I was watching a program on tv, I saw the your product " snore relief ZD-100". And we would like to buy one and try it. We are living in Germany. Could you help us? How we can buy it? Sincerely, Neriman Atik
Päivi (rate: 5 / 10)
Hello! A few years ago I found this Snore relief zd-100 in Bologna. I buy then a couple and it was very good products. FINLA ND