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Stop Snore Noise, Sleep Well Ear Plug Protector for Delightful Undisturbed Sleep Attenuates Ambient Noise and Snoring.

SleepSoft® special filters are, a specially for low tones are reduced effectively like SNORING. Is not a hearing protection in accordance with the labour protection law. This is why we cannot provide SNR data for this product. Measured the SleepSoft® a special noise filters with the result of a medium dampening of approximate 20 dB. This means that sounds coming from the outside are reduced by 20 decibels.
SleepSoft® ear plugs, protect the user against disruptive ambient noise during sleep. Sounds as the doorbell, alarm clock and children calling Remain Audible. Ringing Telephone, Alarm Clock (80dB loud), a special noise filters for sleeping are open and heard by the sleeping person. In addition, a selective attenuation a special noise filters are built in. Thanks to the open duct, no pressure differences can occur, and the user is not entirely shut off from the outside world.
The long life a special noise filters are removable for cleaning purposes. Under normal conditions, one set will last 1 to 1.5 years.

SleepSoft® Instruction of use

The pack of SleepSoft® includes:
- soft hearing protectors with special filters
- insertion tube
- storage case

SleepSoft® :

SleepSoft® is thoroughly tested for compliance with the values as measured by TNO, is Organization for Applied Scientific Research, and by law established. Laboratory complies with the highest standards, and is ISO 9002 certified.
SleepSoft® is comfortable and perfect fit, no pressure in or on the ear. Becomes softer due to ear temperature.
SleepSoft® is a new technique consist. The small lamella are produced in a durable, flexible (Soft Komfort Otoplastic, the material used for these soft-coated hearing protectors). The plug is relatively comfortable in the ear, but they must not become wet, and are intended for single use only. It is easy to get used to it.
SleepSoft® during sleep, your body renews itself from the stresses of the day, as muscles become relaxed and energy is restored.
SleepSoft® is easy to travel with-you can take them every where you go.
SleepSoft® care - therefore regularly clean you ear plugs protector, use warm water and soap. Rinse thoroughly with water, let it dry in the open air and keep it in the given case that was supplied.

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Caution: overheated, or being left in to hot water for a long period of time will damage the SleepSoft®.
You may want to consult specialist if you have any ear problems.

SleepSoft® :
Promotes undisturbed sleep.
Helps you relax and improve concentration.
Provides deep "beauty" sleep (the human growth hormone is released when you sleep).
Save your marriage.


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