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Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with our product within 30 days of the purchase date, we will gladly refund you 50% of the purchase price, when we receive the product. All smaller orders worldwide for regular shipping and handling are free. Any free shipping and/or double handling on the original order cannot be refunded. Just send it back to us, via Air or Regular Mail Post include a short explanation note within all merchandise, original packaging including manuals and all products, (storage case and all free items).

If you would like to try another of our products 1-or more, we would like to give you a 5% discount, (only we offer one product 5% off, on policies guarantee).

According to Medical Hygiene Device Regulations, we do not resell medical devices. Our products are carefully examined, for customer satisfaction.

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Health Canada
Santé Canada

Health Canada Medical
Device and Health Products.
Establishment License Number #1525
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