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Customer Service:
Therapy HealthCare Center
2455 York Avenue
Vancouver, B.C.
V6K 1C9, Canada
Tel: 1(604) 551-3330

e-mail: esnoringcure@gmail.com

Business Registration And Location:
Therapy Healthcare Center
Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations
940 Blanshard Street Victoria, B.C.
Registration number 347685 - 03

Medical Device Establishment Licence
Licensed Medical Device and Health Products.
Number #1525

This medical devices are entered on the Canadian Register as a Class 1 Medical Device and Health Products under number #1525

Health Canada
Santé Canada

We provide friendly, safe procedures and fast, quality service. Our company offers the finest beauty and health products available to customers worldwide. All products are made from the purest ingredients and materials, which have undergone full clinical testing.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with our product within 30 days of the purchase date, we will gladly refund you 50% of the purchase price, when we receive the product. All smaller orders worldwide for regular shipping and handling are free. Any free shipping and/or double handling on the original order cannot be refunded. Just send it back to us, via Air or Regular Mail Post include a short explanation note within all merchandise, original packaging including manuals and all products, (storage case and all free items).

If you would like to try another of our products 1-or more, we would like to give you a 5% discount, (we only offer one product 5% off, on policies guarantee).

According to Medical Hygiene Device Regulations, we do not resell medical devices. Our products are carefully examined, for customer satisfaction.

Shipping and handling:
All smaller orders worldwide for regular shipping and handling are free.
Your order will be shipped the same or following business day.
We will inform you, when your order has been sent, if products are available; if not we will inform you. We delivery our products via Canadian Federal Post.

Prices :
All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Taxes :
We are required by law to collect GST/HST tax on all orders shipped to Canada. Canadian residents please add 12% GST/HST


Privacy and Security Code for Payment by: VISA, MasterCard and PayPal - click ADD TO CART
- Our website gives you Safe Online Shopping with Maximum Privacy.
- Our promise to you, under any circumstances, we do NOT disclose our customers email, address, phone number for any purposes other than to confirm orders.
- We promise that no further charges will be made to our customers card.

If you have any questions or problems using our Privacy Secure Shopping Cart you can call us at: 1 (604) 551-3330 or please e-mail us at: esnoringcure@gmail.com

For any complains, please contact us at e-mail: esnoringcure@gmail.com

Privacy and Security Information:
Personal information and purchases that you provide to us are treated in a secure and confidential trust manner. You can be certain that your name, e-mail address, and or other personal data, will not be used or shared, the information for any purpose other than to respond to your inquiry to provide you with excellent service. This maintains the following Privacy and Security Information to protect the personal information which shows our business is reliable. Our honest advertising, fair treatment of customers, and self regulation as an alternative to government regulation of businesses. We care about our honest advertising, our company legitimate and otherwise.

We do not take responsibility for the use of products from our online snoring store. We recommend that you contact your physician or dermatologist before you begin using our products. Only a specialist can give you advice on using our products. We can provide information about ingredients only.

Information: We do not take responsibility for any of the content you may find on these sites. If you have a personal health concern, please consult your qualified health practitioner.

Have a Great, and Healthy Day!

Therapy HealthCare Center
e-mail: esnoringcure@gmail.com