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    Pillow Soft® 2 Earplugs

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Pillow Soft® 2 :

Anti-Snoring, Sleep Well Ear Plugs Protector for Delightful Undisturbed Sleep Attenuates Ambient and Snoring Noises. Snore proof & water proof. Swim, sleep,study, shower, work, travel, water sports, loud events, flying discomfort, etc.

Pillow Soft® 2 earplugs, protect the user against disruptive ambient noise during sleep, as Traffic, Neighbors, and other ambient noise. A special average attenuation value, reduced effectively like SNORING. Sounds as the doorbell, alarm clock and children calling Remain Audible.

Ringing Telephone, Alarm Clock (80dB loud), are heard by the sleeping person. A special noise silicone putty molds ear plugs, to the unique contours of any ear have a noise reduction rating 22dB, and is not entirely shut off from the outside world. Pillow Soft® 2 ear plugs is snore proof and water proof. Pillow Soft® 2 is ideal for Swimming (no pressure, cover only), sleeping, studying, showering, working, traveling, sports, loud events, flying discomfort, and more. One set will last approximately one week daily/nightly use. This Pillow Soft® 2 can be successful when used alone or in combination with other treatments.

125 Hz sound reduced by 18 dB.
Frequency is measured in cycles per second, or Hertz (Hz). The higher the pitch of sound, the higher the frequency.
125 Hz are low tones, 8 kHz (8000 Hz) are high tones.
The decibel (abbreviated dB) is used to measure the intensity of a sound, and is limited to peak sound pressure level.
At 2 kHz, the unfit on average attenuates 27,7 (dB) decibels.
Our hearing can perceive noises from 0 dB (hearing threshold) to 140 dB (pain limit).

Instruction for us:

Do Not Insert Into Ear Canal. Cover Only.
1. Make sure hands and ear opening are clean and dry. Shape whole plug into a ball.
2. Place plug over ear opening and flatten to form airtight seal. Avoid hair.
3. Do not insert into ear canal!
4. To loosen and remove, press up behind ear. Discard when soiled or no longer sticky (up to 5 uses). For best results when flying, wear earplugs entire flight. Do not cut, break apart or elongate earplugs.

The pack of Pillow Soft® 2 - 2 pair includes:
- 4 Silicone Ear plugs
- storage cases

Pillow Soft® 2 :

Pillow Soft® 2 is thoroughly tested.
Pillow Soft® 2 is a new technique consist. Moldable, non-irritating soft silicone rubber. whole earplug is relatively comfortable, cover the ear. It is easy to get used to it.
Pillow Soft® 2 during sleep, your body renews itself from the stresses of the day, as muscles become relaxed and energy is restored.
Pillow Soft® 2 is easy to travel with-you can take them every where you go.

Caution: Use whole earplug. Cover only. Do not force plug into ear canal. Do not cut, break apart or elongate earplugs. If misused by failure to use as directed, earplug may become lodged in ear, requiring removal by an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor ONLY!

Adult supervision required for children under 15. Keep away from infants and small children when not in use. These plugs are non-toxic but may interfere with breathing if caught in windpipe, which could lead to serious injury or death. Do not use for scuba diving or at depths over 10 feet. Use only as directed.

You may want to consult specialist if you have any ear problems.

List of reference.
McKeon Products, Inc.
Quality Certified Manufacture.
"The more you know, the less you need."

Pillow Soft® 2 :
Promotes undisturbed sleep.
Helps you relax and improve concentration.
Provides deep "beauty" sleep (the human growth hormone is released when you sleep).
Save your marriage.


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