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Ortho Clean



Removable Appliance Cleaner to Sanitize, Snore Guards, Night Guards, Retainers, Occlusal Splints, Sport Mouth Guards and TMJ appliances.

Ortho Clean is thoroughly tested concentrated powder appliance cleaner. Ideal for cleaning; snore guards, night guards, retainers, occlusal splints, sport mouth guards, and removes tarter, calculus, coffee, tea, and tobacco. One bottle of concentrated Ortho Clean, cleans your appliance for about four months, Net Wt. 6 oz. (170g).

Ortho Clean :

Ortho Cleaner cleans your removable appliances to prevent the built up of plague and food calculus (tartar), and stains which can cause:
- problems with appearance or aesthetics
- mouth odor (bad breath)
- irritation to the gum tissue
- infections in the mouth
- even embarrassment

Ortho Clean is ideal for cleaning to sanitize, snore guards, night guards, retainers, occlusal splints, sport mouth guards, for curing and bad breath.
The most effective way to keep your appliance clean is by soaking it in Ortho Clean.

In only minutes a day you get rid of:
- bacterial plaque
- mouth odor
- calculus (tartar)
- stains

Brushing alone can't even touch some of these problems. We recommend to use Ortho Clean with anti snoring device. Ortho Clean is thoroughly tested appliance cleaner. Only minutes a day, your appliance can look and feel like new.

Directions of use:
Remove appliance from mouth. Brush to remove any food particles. Dissolve a capful of Ortho Clean concentrated powder in a glass of warm water. Soak appliance in mixture for 15 minutes. Badly stained appliances may require a longer soak. Recommended for daily use.

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