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Foot Patch



Detox Foot Patches, 100% natural detoxification while you sleep. Promotes Health and Beauty, Improves quality of Sleep, Dispel Toxins, Relieves fatigue, Relax muscles, Tendons, Eliminates moisture, Replenish vital essences, Strengthens kidney. Helping wake up to feel better and enjoy great health.

When detox foot patch is attached to the volar where vigour will move to, those effective componenents can absorb toxins accumulated in human body, thus achieve the curative effects of dispelling toxins, and promoting blood circulation. It is the most easy, fast, safe and effective way of toxin dispelling. 
As an important organ of human body, foot is also called " the second heart". Some may even say that the foot is the road map to the rest of the body. That is because foot is the conflux of main meridians with sixty points and many reflection areas. It is also the main rallying point of our body toxins. Toxins longly accumulated in body will block blood`s normal circulation, further result in many diseases which will terribly influence people`s health, such as rheumatism, artritis, dermatosis, angiopathy, hypertension and etc.
Toxins come from a variety of sources even our food, air and water are polluted. Though, synthetic sources are the most common, with industrial byproducts representing a primary threat. Toxins are a primary producer of free radicals (oxidants), which scientists have discovered to be at the core of numerous aging and degenerative disease such as heart disease, dementia, and cancer. Of course, the lower the risk of toxic exposure coupled with improved health means more energy and vitality.

"Medical herbalist has several suggestions to help me help my liver do its job without stimulating me to wakefulness, starting with the obvious: reduce my reliance on caffeine and alcohol".
Initially, it is best to use a kit to DETOXIFY your liver. And then, if you start to eat foods that are cooling for the liver, you should expect to see, improvements in your sleep.?

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Instruction of use

The pack of kit Foot Patch includes:
- 5 packages, 10 pieces (1 package, 2 pieces foot patches in side)
- 10 ventilate adhesive plasters

Foot Patch specifically designed with all natural ingredients to enhance sleeping, your body's own natural method of detoxification helping you feel better and enjoy great health.

Foot Patch :

Foot Patch has Hygienic License: 2000 Wzzz 29-XK-1040
The key ingredients are Tourmaline and Bamboo Vinegar. They can offer the highest pure Tourmaline of 30% (1.50g of 5), and Bamboo vinegar of .60grams. 
The materials of our Foot Patch includes Natural these essential components:
Minus ion, Carapace element, Vitamin C, Orange oil, Bamboo vinegar liquid, Mineral powder and Plant powder.
Can be used by: the cosmetic, the belly-bound, the old and infirm, the obese, the depressed, smokers and sots, workers who have long hours' standing and people with great working and mental pressure.
Limit for the use: correspondent points of the vola; directly attach it to the affected part, such as the joint, the hand palm, the waist, the shoulder, the back and limp calf, the weary feet and the overworked muscles.

Caution: If the skin appears novel situations , or rubefaction or other anaphylaxis, please do not use the foot patch till the concrescence. You may want to consult specialist.

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