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Information - SnoringCure.ca

Face Former

Stop snoring and more severe forms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), medical oral appliance therapy.

When you gently put soft Face Former into your mouth and close lips together, this helps control breathing the natural way, from your nose by effectively blocking the mouth, especially  for those people who snore with their mouth open.


For effective results daily exercises should be regular. The Face Former therapy and health care quality product, preventing and treating for stop snoring, and more Orofacial Myofunctional disorders please click on, Face Former therapy Orofacial Myofunctional disorders.

Normally the Face Former does not need any fitting, but needs therapy exercises please click on, Snoring Relief Therapy Exercises Instruction.

Face Former is clinically tested, it was developed by ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) University clinic doctors, dentists, pharmacies and physician's sleep laboratory or even by the patient him or herself. It is effective in preventing and/or treating snoring problems and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS).
Face Former provides a comfortable, simple fit (in the oral facial area and the equilibrium of the human body) between your lips and in front of your teeth in the mouth.
Face Former is not a drug treatment, medical oral appliance is often a first choice nonsurgical options prior resorting to surgery.
Face Former is a new product material called Silopren&reg is a brand name of the global producer "GE Bayer Silicones" and is one of the latest products developments in modern medical technology. It is strong and has proved to be absolutely safe for your health! It is easy to get used to it.
Face Former improves the life of the majority of patients. During sleep, your body renews itself from the stresses of the day, as muscles become relaxed and energy is restored.
Face Former can be customized either by the consumer or by professional assistance from a dentist or physician.
Face Former is easy to travel with--you can take them every where you go.

Face Former care - use warm water or a denture cleaner. Rinse thoroughly with water, let it dry in the open air and keep it in the given case that was supplied.

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Face Former : The exercises have a positive impact on muscles and skin in the area of the mouth, face and throat. These exercises put an end to mouth breathing and promote nose breathing. 
"To train your brains for nose-breathing".
Allows you to sleep on your back.
Prevents your mouth from being dry.
Put sleep apnea to rest (don't hold your breath).
Provides deep "beauty" sleep (the human growth hormone is released when you sleep).

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