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Information - SnoringCure.ca

Face Former: Snoring Relief Therapy Exercises Instruction

You can evaluate the Face Former Therapy in 2 ways:

  1. The active therapy: This is where the Face Former is designed for. By doing exercises and learning habits, snoring problems will finally be cured. Exercises are focussed on solving the cause, not the effect.
  2. Passive therapy: This is something where the Face Former is not designed for, but we know that we have to deal with this in practice (unfortunately).

We have received feedback from patients that some of them stopped with the Face Former exercises for several reasons. After 4-6 weeks the results are quite impressive, so some patients are happy. But they need you need to practice longer in order to reach a permanent result. But we also got feedback that patients do the Face Former habits, (tongue position, neck position and breathing through nose) so that the snoring stays away, or the noise is rather acceptable! That in a way is good news although we clearly address that the Face Former was not designed for this.

The Face Former is not developed to bring the jaw up-front like other passive therapies are doing in order to give the tongue a good position. We try to see it from another angle.

Summarize: When patients are loyal to the Face Former habits, and also wear the Face Former during, (for example) watching TV, in the car, rewarding a book, and especially during the night (last is obliged), the results can be quite impressive.

  • When patients are besides the habits also loyal to the exercises, we dare to say that we are the only therapy that can stop the snoring problem without wearing the device for their whole life!

Again: we solve the cause and not the effect! Correctly following these Remedy Therapy Exercises Instruction, will optimize the effect of your exercises. Relaxation of throat muscles and other causes of snoring and, the more severe form (OSAS) Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome, can be corrected with active exercises. The exercises have a positive impact on muscles and skin in the area of the mouth, face and throat. These exercises put an end to mouth breathing and promote nose breathing.

Follow these Remedy Therapy Exercises Instruction carefully!


The Face Former should be placed in your mouth, behind your lips and in front of your teeth. Your lips are pushed slightly forward. The lip wedge faces forward.



Correct tongue position! The tip of your tongue is placed against the hard palate, a few millimeters behind the top front teeth. The tongue does not make any contact with the top front teeth. This is the correct physiological position.


Your neck has to be stretched! Your chin and throat should form a 90-degree angle (a right  angle). This is the correct physiological position.


Press your lips together! Press your lips together as tightly as possible on the lip wedge for 6 seconds. Then relax them for 6 seconds. Again, especially during exercising: be conscious of the positions of your tongue and neck during the exercise. They have to become a habit. Don't bite on the Face Former!


Very important: breathe through your nose! Regular exercise with the Face Former will result in substantial improvements in nose breathing. This normally takes place within 3 - 4 weeks. After this period, the Face Former should also be used at night for the following 12 weeks. This will make breathing through your nose a regular daily habit.

Be conscious of the position of your lower jaw.
The bottom teeth should always be behind the top teeth. Be careful not to push your lower jaw forward during the exercises


Good to know. Your top and bottom teeth do not make contact when your lips press together on the lip wedge. They are in a suspended position. In this position, the jaw joints are free of pressure and in balance. The lower jaw is centred and allows balanced exercise on both sides of your face.

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